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Silje Pedersen is one of Norways most profiled fashion experts. She started out in the industry at an early age as a model, and from there developed into a stylist and personal shopper. In 1999 she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in Media and Communication. She later worked as a model, fashion journalist for different TV networks and personal stylist in LA. In 2007 Silje startet her own blog, which soon became a leading fashion blog. In 2009 she began working for VG, Norways biggest online newspaper, and moved her blog to their website,
Building the site up from the ground, became an instant success. Silje was the face, blogger, fashion expert and profile for for three years. She launched their many successful web-TV series which innovented the concept of fashion web-tv in Norway.

bilde 3sara_NYC_silje_1-640x960[/col_1_3][col_1_3]MoteintroFoto: Veronica von ClemmSilje PedersenSilje has traveled the world and can often be seen at fashion weeks in New York, Paris and Stockholm. She has interviewed many celebrities, fashion designers and movie stars in her career. Some highlights includes Sarah Jessica Parker, Isabel Marant, Armani, Cate Blanchett and Jean Paul Gaultier.
Silje has also been a fashion editor of the magazines KK and HENNE and the website
The blog is her private blog were she shares her passion for fashion, beauty, travel, work and private life.
You can also follow her on Instagram @ motesilje and snapchat: silje-pedersen

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